Staying Current with the Latest in Emerging Technologies

IEC Chesapeake’s emerging technologies program educates electrical professionals in the Mid-Atlantic Region about the newest technologies available. Our Continuing Education Committee is dedicated to education and to you. We promote green economic growth by providing education in the alternative energy technologies.

Emerging Technologies

Today, there is a strong shift in the electrical contracting industry landscape, led by emerging technologies. As an electrical, low voltage, or renewable energy contractor, you are well-positioned to provide the needed services to your customers who want to take advantage of these opportunities. However, the technologies continue to evolve. To stay competitive, you need education and training.

At IEC Chesapeake, we keep our members up to date on the latest in research, products, DOE programs, and early adoption efforts of emerging technologies. Plus, we educate our members about the electrical hazards associated with these new energy technologies, as well as their associated safety tips for businesses and consumers. By participating in our emerging technology programs, our members can increase their market share by learning how they can adopt new contracting methods and reposition themselves to address the predicted shortfalls in the skilled electrical workforce.

Renewable Energy Technologies

We offer introductory, entry-level, code, design, installation and trouble-shooting courses in the following areas:

  • solar PV systems
  • solar thermal systems
  • wind generators
  • electric vehicle charging stations

IEC Chesapeake is proud to be approved by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) to provide NABCEP Entry Level Testing for both photovoltaics and solar thermal. We are also approved to provide NACEP CEU Credits for NABCEP Certified Installers and have also been selected to host the NABCEP Certified Installer Exam at our Maryland facilities.

Our Renewable Energy Committee is expeditiously working with contractor members, industry partners, local colleges, training facilities, government policy makers, utilities and electrical inspectors to implement new renewable energy safety, training and installation programs.  Our committee is also charged with research and member education programs for energy conservation and viable renewable energy solutions.

Our training facility has completed construction of two solar PV labs for use in our course work. Generous material contributions from Atlantic Electric Supply have made these fully functional PV labs possible. The labs allow you to complete your first solar power installation under the guidance of our instructors. The solar PV labs and solar training programs are utilized by the D.O.E. Job Corps. Training Program and the Electrical Apprenticeship Program. The labs are also used to satisfy the training-related installation requirements necessary to qualify for the NABCEP PV Installer Certification Exam.

If your goals are to pass your NABCEP Certification of Knowledge Exam, to achieve your NABCEP PV Installer Certification, or receive training in solar PV, solar thermal, or wind generation, contact us today at (800) 470-3013 to find out how!

Working with Partners and Contractors on Renewable Energy Projects

We have some very exciting news! The 7.4KW PV system that was installed on Atlantic Electric’s roof, with the help of Ridgeway & Earnest and IEC-Chesapeake, is up and running and visible on-line. To check it out simply click on the following link: This will take you to the page that will provide system and total output details since it went on-line in mid November. If you then click on the “Output” tab you will have the ability to view the daily, monthly and yearly output of the system.