Earn While You Learn

As an Army National Guard Servicemember, you understand the concept of earning while you learn. You give of your time to serve your country while you learn various skills in the military. But what opportunities exist for you when you’re ready to further your career in the civilian market? If you’re a servicemember in the Maryland Army National Guard who’s interested in furthering your skills and career in the electrical, low voltage, and renewable energy field, GAPI is for you.

Guard Apprenticeship Program Initiative (GAPI)

IEC Chesapeake, in collaboration with the Army National Guard, manages the Guard Apprenticeship Program Initiative (GAPI), a pilot program, which provides career and training opportunities in the electrical field for Servicemembers enrolled in the Maryland Army National Guard. The Army National Guard training program will provide Servicemembers with the ability to expand both their skill-sets and learning opportunities through apprenticeship training in preparing them to become licensed Journeyman. This gives them the ability to further their education and training to pursue a career as they complete their commitment to the military.


For more information and to register for GAPI, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.