Career Path Development for People with Disabilities

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is significantly higher than the national average. Many people with disabilities who want to improve their lives need help making informed decisions about creating a career path that interests them and meets their individual needs. Skills training and education help to define a focus for that path.

Easter Seals

Easter Seals is dedicated to giving people with disabilities hope through their education, advocacy, and outreach programs. The IEC Chesapeake has partnered with Easter Seals, as the largest provider of disability-related services to individuals with disabilities and their families, to offer military and veterans training, apprenticeship and/or continuing education classes in the fields of electrical, solar, VDV, fire alarms and motor controls. IEC Chesapeake furthers those opportunities by providing education and training specifically in the electrical contractor industry.


For more information about our workforce development programs, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.