Discover How to Become an Electrician or Low Voltage Technician

By participating in our pre-apprenticeship programs, you will be taking your first step towards understanding what it takes to become an electrician or low voltage technician. Through our programs, you will receive training in some basic skills and improve upon skills you may already have. Plus, you will be better prepared to take the next step towards an apprenticeship program and working in the industry.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Our Pre-Apprenticeship programs are fully operational in MD and PA. We work with the Department of Corrections, women and minorities, Job Corps and veterans where applicable. We sponsor field trips to our Training Facilities with local high schools and career & technical centers for hands-on Motor Control and Solar exercises, as well as classroom computer-enhanced training

As part of our pre-apprenticeship efforts, we have developed an Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Workforce Development Manual, which is an introduction to the electrical trades to prepare workers for an apprenticeship program with the goal to secure them employment.

Our close relationship with the community colleges affords us the ability to visit their Basic Electricity and Green Technology classes for recruiting purposes and apprenticeship opportunities.  We also have established relationships with organizations that represent targeted labor markets, such as women and veterans, to help our members meet their contractual needs.


To register for one of our pre-apprenticeship programs, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.