Going Up? Workforce Development

IEC Chesapeake is looking for the right candidate to fill our Work Force Development Coordinator position. Is it you? Could it be someone you know?

Please see below:

Workforce Development Coordinator :

This position is responsible for workforce recruitment and retention for the IEC Chesapeake Chapter utilizing presentations and various marketing efforts. Develop programs and resources that improve student employability and success with IEC electrical contractors. Ensures adequate jobs and applicants are available to fill vacancies in the electrical industry. 

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Identify schools, organizations and government entities for prospective recruits.
  • Call and set-up recruitment presentations with schools and organizations in the chapter area.
  • Attend job fairs, conferences, school functions and career fairs for recruitment purposes.
  • Maintain records database of calls, scheduled follow-up activities and contacts made to recruit apprentices to the IEC Apprenticeship Program.
  • Plan and hold job fairs as required by the demand for apprentices.
  • Act as a liaison to schools, faith-based, community-based and other organizations with the purpose of finding employment for their populations.
  • Develop methods to assist member contractors to interact with schools, including “adopting” a school; contractor media kit; contact information for schools for contractors, etc.
  • Prepare training budget for department and/or individual training seminars.
  • Identify and apply for various private and government funding opportunities and distribute information to area companies involved in training.
  • Coordination of and assistance in physically opening and closing classes/events including Saturdays and possibly out of town locations when needed.
  • Work with marketing department to promote classes/events to prospects through social media, email, mailing and site visits.


Skill Sets Required:

·      A minimum of five years of related experience, or the equivalent combination of four years of education and experience. 

·      Proficiency in Windows, MS Office, Outlook , data base management programs and presentation software. 

·      Proficiency with social media platforms. 

·      Display excellent organizational and planning skills. 

·      Experience and proficiency in public speaking to both small and large groups. 

·      Current driver’s license and clear DMV record. 

IECC offers a benefit package with health, dental, paid time off and 401K.

Please email resume along with cover letter and salary requirement to: admin@iecchesapeake.com


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