Growing Up and Valuing an Education: the Realization of Skill Sets and Earnings

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We really DO wear  the chain we forged in life “ (Mr. Dickens)….and one way we can lighten that load is to resolve to improve our skill sets throughout our professional lives.

I know, I know. Classes are an interruption to our busy schedules and the thought of giving ourselves one more thing to think about sometimes seem daunting; but you know what doesn’t seem daunting? Making more money.

How do employers view you when you seek Continuing Education or higher certifications? Here’s what a wise employer knows:

  • Employers can plan on promoting the person(s) who show the interest and ambition to sharpen their skills.
  • These people will be more productive.
  • These people will make better trainers, and help the employer spot up and coming talent or who they should “cut bait” with….
  • If you are currently a valued employee, and if the company you work for can afford it, you may work out a reimbursement agreement for your Continuing Education. In fact, your employer may be able to tap into tax breaks or incentives for assisting employee education.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the electrical field will continue to grow at a rate of 14% thru 2024 – a rate much higher than average.
  • *As older electricians ( 55+ age group) “age out” of the field, openings are created for the younger segment of the force to move up. People with advanced training and management skills, and skills in wind power and photovoltaic equipment are highly employable in the coming decade.

The trajectory of an electrical career:

Electricians start life as Apprentices, graduating as Journeyman (a four year, earn as you learn education and certification). Where can they go from there?



Project Manager

Master Electrician (another four years for the Masters)

Owner of business

Some electricians choose to further their education as engineers, since there are many common skill sets between the two; some come from engineering into electrical.

As you qualify for each or any of the positions in our trajectory list- you become worth more and will earn more money.

Be in charge of forging your own chains in life- make sure they are pulling you forward and not weighing you down!

Grant Shmelzer/IEC Chesapeake

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