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Call for nominations

IEC Chesapeake Calls for Executive Committee Nominations


IEC Chesapeake’s Nominating Chair Mike Knecht is asking for your assistance in identifying potential members willing to serve in the following leadership positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary/Treasurer

A vital component to our Chapter successfully meeting the goals set before us is the strength and diversity of our Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Qualifications for the Executive Committee:

  • Must be a contractor member (or employee of contractor member) in good standing
  • Any candidate for the position of President or Vice President shall have held the position of a committee chairperson or the office of Secretary/Treasurer for the ...
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IEC Career Path of an Electrician

Your Apprenticeship Moment of Zen - Critical Mass: Skilled Worker Shortages

By Grant Shmelzer, Executive Director, IEC Chesapeake

We blogged about this- several different ways in fact- all last year. The skilled worker shortage, both in the United States and globally, is real ...

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Holiday Party

Make a Holiday Break for It 2017


December 5, 4-6pm

At Jailbreak Brewery

Come in from the cold for a cold One!

9445 Washington Blvd N, STE F
Laurel, MD 20723

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You Have a Lot of Choices

By Grant Shmelzer, Executive Director, IEC Chesapeake

Online or “brick and mortar” education? Your educational choices are always important, difficult to make, and deserve research on your part.

IEC Chesapeake is no ...

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Wiring Contest For Year 1


Year 1 Wire Off Contest 

April 19th 2016


On April 19th we held a wire ...

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