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Yep, We Have an AP for That! Associate Partners at simPro

By Grant Shmelzer Executive Director, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

Our Associate Partners at simPro have laid out some important guidelines for choosing business software.

Choices are tricky; we all have to make them and some of those decisions are outside of our lanes. When you purchase a home, a car, a dishwasher, or a laptop, chances are you are doing some research and reading some reviews. Most of us want to make a purchase once and for the right reasons.

Field software is certainly no different. It's a big decision and an individual decision. Our Partner members at simPro suggest:

"1. Do your research

The software you choose ...

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Can UV Light Save Lives?

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC


From our Associate Partners at Lighting Environments comes an exciting product announcement: PURO Lighting is a technology making UV affordable and available for large ...

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It’s a part of your Associate Partner Membership

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

What happens when your Sales Team or manufacturer marketing division includes IECC in their announcements?

I review them, search for pertinent images, blog or post ...

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Warning! This is an OP/ED

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

I  represent and promote electrical apprenticeship for one of the largest programs in IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors), the Chesapeake chapter.

I have worked with electricians ...

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NCSCB Written Test Prep

NCSCB certification program is designed to assure utilities, contractors & customers that personnel handling medium voltage ...
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high school student

Why the Choice Should be Craftsman or College- Not Versus


This is not a new discussion- it has been around awhile-and been written about a ...

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5-day Solar PV Mastery Course

The busy summer season is over, and time is running out to upgrade your ...
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IEC Chesapeake Legislative Update

By: Kevin O'Keefe

Presidential Election Update

The final election results had President-elect Donald J. Trump winning 306 electoral ...

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Wolf Pack

Joining the Pack

Grant Shmelzer

I’m fascinated by the psychology of groups. I’m using a broad brush (and ...

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