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Do YOU Do Prevailing Wage Work in New Jersey?

By Grant Shmelzer Executive Director, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

Know Before You Go!

What’s New?

There is a significant change pending in the 2019 New Jersey legislature that directly concerns electrical contractors who live and work in New Jersey OR travel to New Jersey to perform work.

·       On December 17, 2018, the New Jersey Legislature proposed a major change to requirements for New Jersey public works contractors. Assembly Bill A-3666 was passed by both State Assembly and Senate and was forwarded to Governor Murphy for his signature. 

·       The bill would impose new training and apprenticeship requirements on public works contractors, and would be the most restrictive in the ...

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Eat Lunch & Learn: Win Win with Associate Partners at Atlantic Electric Supply Corp

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

Our friends and valued Associate Partners at Atlantic Electric Supply Corp., in Washington D.C., are at it again...

They're offering you a grilled ...

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Eaton website

You Know What Dad Wants Really Really Wants?

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

From our Associate Partners at Eaton- Yep! We have an AP for that...

Tech and Innovative solutions for DOD (Dear Ole Dad!)

Is your dad ...

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USB Ready for This?

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

I be ready...U be ready?

Looking for receptacle upgrades on a design? remodel? DIY? This baby is worth your attention. Check this out.

Kitchen ...

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Call for Tech Tips: Submit Yours Today


Reps, Manufacturers, Distributors….

You have an opportunity to share new and innovative products or techniques ...

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Electronic Ballasts

February Tech Tip: Understanding Electronic Ballasts and LED Drivers and Their Impact on Photo Controls


What are Electronic Ballasts?

Ballasts limit the amount of current from supply line voltage, while ...

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Indentured servant

Your Moment of Apprenticeship ZEN


A little history is fun.

To this end- history and fun- I am going to ...

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IEC Chesapeake Legislative Update


The Maryland General Assembly opened its 90-day legislative session on January 11th.


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kelly schultz

Putting Our Money, Time, and Resources Where Our Mouths Are


February 1st 2017, was the Future Electrician Open House for Career and Technical Education students ...

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