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Risk Management: Prevention Could Mean Profits


Establishing and promoting a culture of risk management can have a silent, but significant, impact at your business. Prioritizing safety and judgment can help protect your people and your profits. Emphasis on workplace safety and loss prevention — from senior management to front line employees — helps businesses run more efficiently and avoid errors that could dent or break the bottom line.  

Every injury, every lawsuit, every poor hire, every missed opportunity to plan can pull money out of your pocket. Insurance helps pay for the direct costs of a loss, such as property damage, medical bills, and legal expenses. But your ...

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MD Small Business Day

2020 Maryland Small Business Day


February 11th, 2020 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Maryland State House
100 State Cir
Annapolis, MD 21401-1924
Event Pricing: $25


Join fellow small ...

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Protect Your Employees from Blood-borne Pathogens

By: Federated Insurance

Exposure to blood-borne pathogens is a hazard most people think is limited to health care workers. The truth is that nearly every work environment — especially ...

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Is Your Path an Adventure- Or Forced March?

By Jenny Boone, Business Development, Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC

IEC Chesapeake has blogged about the history of apprenticeship, traditions in the U.S. and Europe, and about the notion that pathways to education should ...

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Third Party Speakers

Pictured is Matt Gross of One Source Associates, reviewing Pass and Seymour products with Year One apprentices.

Third Party Speakers and Why You Should Be One


IEC Chesapeake’s core mission is training. We want to deliver the best prepared electricians ...

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Blue Collar article

Blue Collar, White Collar, Green Collar...are you ready?


At IEC Chesapeake we are constantly looking at the health of our Members- Contractors and ...

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Sprint Offer to IEC

Click to download full PDF.

Sprint Discount Program Means Contractors & Apprentices Save 22%!


Switch to Sprint and get four lines for  only $23.40/month per line.

Hurry ...

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Master Electrician Preparation Class


A 36-Hour class dedicated to reviewing the 2014 - National Electric Code and Electrical Calculations when ...

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Plan to attend the 2016 Construction Law Survival Seminar. Click to download the PDF.

General Contractor Risk Increases with New Virginia Law

© (2016) James D. Fullerton, Fullerton & Knowles, P.C. Clifton, VA (703) 818-2600 Use the Free Construction Law Survival Manual at

The Virginia Code was amended effective July 1, 2015. A contract provision is now null ...

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Apprentice at work

Apprenticeship Programs Receive Federal Funding Boost


Apprenticeship programs, like IEC Chesapeake’s Apprenticeship Program, which are vital in solving many key ...

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OSHA logo

OSHA Fines Set to Increase


As part of the congressional budget deal signed into law by President Obama on November ...

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Rexel Tablet Pro

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Rexel Tablet Pro

Risk Management

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Risk Management: A Peek Inside Your Company Culture

Siemens National Electrical Code

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Siemens National Electrical Code (NEC) 240.87

GE NEC 240.87

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National Electrical Code Updates - NEC 240.87 Arc Energy Reduction

Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program

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