Mirror Mirror on the Wall End of Year Reflections

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If you have worked with me as a member of IEC Chesapeake, or if you have heard me speak at a function, you know my personal IEC mission is to help our industry tell its story to the public.

For years I have said, “The electrical trade does not get the respect or recognition it deserves. Electricians are not recognized for their years of study, degree of difficulty the work calls for, or sheer importance of the safety their work brings to everyday life. However, that’s our fault.”

Yes, it’s our fault. We do not tell our story often enough, and when we tell it we do not tell it well.

To this end, Grant, Carey, Ed and I have been working these last three years on re-shaping our communications. We have revamped (thanks to Incite Creative) the IEC Chesapeake website and become active in social media. Grant blogs regularly on Linked In. The thrust behind these efforts has been to reach out to as many people as possible with two important thoughts:

  • The electrical industry is a thriving, vibrant, mobile, and technologically savvy profession you may want to consider being a part of- or encouraging your son or daughter to be a part of
  • It takes four years for a Journeyman to complete his/her education (earning while learning) and another four years to complete a Master’s. This is a highly educated workforce. There is a strong need for electricians all around the nation.

Our website has been restructured to show candidates, counselors and parents a clear breakdown between the traditional college choice (time and expense) and the Journeyman educational choice. Both four years, both demanding. Only one is an “earn while you learn” and has 100% working graduates.
Advantage apprenticeship.

Our website carries the announcements of Continuing Education classes, industry updates, and links to Grant’s blog on Linked In. It carries pictures of events and classes. If you haven’t visited our site in the last year- you should.

How can you help us tell our story?

  • Use “Proud Member of IEC Chesapeake” in your business signatures to spark conversation between you and the public
  • Educate and encourage education among your employees. Do THEY know you are IEC members?
  • Let your employees know about IEC Chesapeake and why you are a member.
  • Lead by example- when you wear your professionalism every day, the whole world sees it. You and your employees are the best way to tell our industry story.

Show the public why we deserve respect and admiration. Show them what an Independent Electrical Contractor should look like.

Jenny Boone
IEC Chesapeake Business Development


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