Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Energize Your Team with Our Workforce Development Programs

Our programs are designed to promote the electrical, low voltage and renewable energy profession to individuals seeking to enter the industry by establishing relationships with high schools, trade schools, community colleges, work source centers, employment agencies and other for and non-profit institutions.

State Career & Technology Centers

Starting with the Youth

IEC’s commitment to providing outstanding education and training services to the electrical, low voltage, and renewable energy industries is the foundation upon which all IEC programs are based. IEC Chesapeake understands the importance of reaching out to the Career and Technology centers in order to expose those students, who do not want to go or can’t attend college, on the option of apprenticeship. One way is by sponsoring the SkillsUSA Residential Wiring and Motor Controls competition in the state of Maryland and Motor Controls competition in Virginia.

State Career and Technology Education Outreach

As part of our continued community workforce development programs, IEC Chesapeake staff along with volunteers from the membership visit the local career and technology centers. When able, we also bring the classes to our facilities for hands on experience in the motor control and/or solar lab. This is a great way to deepen the students’ interest in the electrical, low voltage, and renewable energy fields.

To join IEC Chesapeake in visiting the local career and technology centers, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.

Job Corps: Success That Lasts a Lifetime

Job Corps

The US Department of Labor administers Job Corps, a free education and vocational training program helping young people between the ages of 16 to 24 improve the quality of their lives through vocational and academic training. Its mission is to teach young people the skills they need to become employable and independent.

Vocational Training Programs

At IEC Chesapeake, we work cooperatively with Job Corps and in partnership with Anne Arundel Community College to help young people in the Mid-Atlantic Region gain an advantage for creating a career as independent electrical, low voltage and renewable energy contractors. We hold a Pre-Apprenticeship class with the Woodland Job Corps at our location. This is another way to train individuals, making them ready to work in the construction environment as entry level apprentices.

To register for one of our vocational training classes, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.


An Alternative Education

For many at-risk young people between the ages of 16 to 24, there is a need to learn a trade in construction while working towards completing their GEDs or high school diplomas. YouthBuild, a national network, started in 1978 and currently offers close to 300 programs in 46 states, Washington, DC and the Virgin Islands. It receives its primary funding from the US Department of Labor and it is administered by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA).

YouthBuild Programs

YouthBuild takes a comprehensive approach to the training and education of students. As a result, its programs have evolved into something more. They provide schooling on alternate weekends in a small classroom environment. This gives students an excellent opportunity for one-on-one attention for their educational needs.

In addition to earning their high school diploma or GED, students receive construction skills training from quailed instructors. They apply these newly-developed talents as they build housing for the homeless and low-income people. As a result, they develop a sense of civic responsibility and leadership. IEC Chesapeake proudly assists YouthBuild by working with these civic- and career-minded students through the pre-apprenticeship phase.

For more information about IEC Chesapeake’s involvement with YouthBuild program, call us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.


Discover How to Become an Electrician or Low Voltage Technician


By participating in our pre-apprenticeship programs, you will be taking your first step towards understanding what it takes to become an electrician or low voltage technician. Through our programs, you will receive training in some basic skills and improve upon skills you may already have. Plus, you will be better prepared to take the next step towards an apprenticeship program and working in the industry.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Our Pre-Apprenticeship programs are fully operational in MD and PA. We work with the Department of Corrections, women and minorities, Job Corps and veterans where applicable. We sponsor field trips to our Training Facilities with local high schools and career & technical centers for hands-on Motor Control and Solar exercises, as well as classroom computer-enhanced training

As part of our pre-apprenticeship efforts, we have developed an Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Workforce Development Manual, which is an introduction to the electrical trades to prepare workers for an apprenticeship program with the goal to secure them employment.

Our close relationship with the community colleges affords us the ability to visit their Basic Electricity and Green Technology classes for recruiting purposes and apprenticeship opportunities.  We also have established relationships with organizations that represent targeted labor markets, such as women and veterans, to help our members meet their contractual needs.

To register for one of our pre-apprenticeship programs, contact us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.

Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program

Events & News Feed

Events & News Feed

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