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Education options abound; there are many that are great and many that are sketchy.

When it comes to apprenticeship- the “other four year degree” – the first homework assignment is focused on your choices.

fork in the road

If you are considering electrical apprenticeship for:

  • yourself as either a first time career or career change
  • for an employee of yours, as an electrical contractor
  • as a high school counselor for students at your school…
  • or as a parent helping your student explore ALL avenues

…here are some facts you should have in your education war chest.

A trade school or technical school does not equal an apprenticeship program. Look closely at all the fine print if you consider one of these options- they may offer electrical classes, but are not an approved Journeyman apprenticeship. This goes for both brick and mortar and online. You could get $25,000.00 down the road only to discover you were not an apprentice and have not graduated as a Journeyman. In short- you are not an electrician.

Look also at who is offering the apprenticeship program. Are they an impartial third party? If you are a contractor sending your student to a program, is the program a non-profit (501C) accredited program that cannot and will not hire your student? Something to think about…

If you were going to spend (or let your student take on student debt) to the tune of $100K at a standard university for a professional degree, would you encourage them to put their money into a course of study that actually carried no weight? no degree at all? was not an AA or Bachelors?

I hope not.

If you are looking for accredited, fully recognized, viable, registered apprenticeship programs, IEC Chesapeake should be in your top 5. I would say your number one…but clearly I am biased.

IEC Chesapeake is a non-profit electrical training program that this year celebrates it’s 34th annual Journeyman graduation. Our chapter is 37 years old (1982), run by and for electrical contractors and members of the electrical industry.

IEC Chesapeake is a member driven association with a volunteer board of directors. We have many talented professionals who participate in our organization in volunteer appointed positions to further our mission of offering independent electrical, low voltage and renewable energy contractors quality educational programs, information, and services.

Our core mission is training. We can not and will not hire your apprentice; we have no dog in your fight.

We require the student be responsible for the tuition- this protects both the student and employer. With that said, most of our member-employers are very creative in their incentive plans for our apprentices. Many students graduate all or nearly all reimbursed for their educational expenses, and have been working in the trade while in school( a requirement) graduating with a salary in the $60K range. Earning while learning.

Nothing about us is a secret- your don’t have to wonder. You don’t have to be a chapter member to put an apprentice in our program; all are welcome.

See for yourself

Interested in knowing more about us? and your options with IECC? Start here…

Or, contact me. I am more than happy to tell you about the stunning choice IEC Chesapeake is for your student.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC