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Politicians and The Trades

unsplash image blueprint I recently heard a Governor speaking about his support for the Trades, apprenticeships, and people who “work with their hands”. It bothered me. In fact, it stuck with me, for weeks now. Why? Because I have worked with electricians...

IECC Women In Construction

Featuring Tanika Walker Thomas- pictured below at work. Wife, mother, and electrician. In Her Own Words… “My name is Tanika Walker-Thomas. I have been in the trade for eleven years. I am a wife and mother of two. I started out learning the electrical trade...
A Cautionary Tale…and I Wrote It Myself

A Cautionary Tale…and I Wrote It Myself

It’s all over the news- ChatGPT-the chat bot designed to “interact in a conversational way…answer follow up questions, admit it’s mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests”. * I believe its intent is for the good, not bad, and I believe...