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E Apprenticeship

Your source for global interaction and training. Since 2013, IEC Chesapeake has been engaged in technology creating exciting new opportunities for electricians. IEC Chesapeake’s E Apprenticeship Program is designed to elevate you to the level of a qualified, professional, credentialed electrician. Delivered through an engaging curriculum of intensive online study, E Apprenticeship provides the online related instruction necessary to earn the status of Journeyman Electrician.

Graduates of the electrical apprenticeship program join the ranks of in-demand electricians and have the potential to earn the highest income in the construction sector.

Prepare for a rewarding career—from anywhere!

Unable to attend traditional classroom courses? No problem. IEC Chesapeake’s E Apprenticeship Program offers flexible online learning for students who:

  • live too far away to commute
  • have incompatible work schedules
  • are in the National Guard or full time Military
  • are otherwise unable to attend school in a traditional classroom environment

Our E Apprenticeship Program uses an integrated online training model so you can learn at your own convenience, anytime, anywhere.

  • Our system doesn’t eliminate the classroom; it offers a different delivery method for individuals who:
    • wish to become an electrician
    • are working with their employer to meet that goal
  • There are no restrictions to who can or cannot enroll in an apprenticeship program. 
    • You may follow the path of apprenticeship to learn family trades
    • You may enroll and learn out of curiosity for a career path
    • or, you may realize the career you have chosen isn’t right for you 
    • Men, women, of any age, are welcome. 

IEC Chesapeake’s E Apprenticeship training program requires a device all students must have in their possession to complete the coursework. Devices suggested are:  laptop, notebook, ipad. Students can view the items on their phone but not all information will show up on their phone and they may not be able to complete the homework assignments as prescribed. 

There are a lot of upsides to apprenticeships.

If you are working in the field for an electrical employer while attending the online training, you will receive the hands-on aspect working and the related instruction as required for your field via the online training program.

technology students group in computer lab

IEC Chesapeake’s online apprenticeship is a US Department of Labor approved program. You will receive a certificate for each passing year showing you have completed the required related instruction training in compliance with the US Department of Labor.

Graduates of the program join the ranks of in-demand electricians and have the potential to earn the highest income in the construction sector.

And an electrical apprenticeship program is one of the best ways to go about securing a rewarding career in a field of your choosing.

Why Choose IEC Chesapeake’s Online Electrical Apprenticeship Training?

  • Utilizes approved U.S. Department of Labor IEC National Apprenticeship Four Year curriculum
  • 100% online through E Apprenticeship
  • Accessible 24/7—learn at your time and convenience (there will be scheduled items)
  • Registration at your fingertips
  • GI Bill Friendly
  • Challenge testing available
  • Credit transfers allowed
  • Site administration by award-winning trail blazers and innovators focused on the education of the apprentice electrician

Sound interesting? Check out these sample lessons to learn more:

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