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Telecommunications Technician Program

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Get connected to a rewarding career. Telecommunications Technicians are skilled in installing and maintaining security systems, lighting, and telecommunications equipment in residential and commercial settings. With an expected growth rate that exceeds the national average, these technicians are always in demand. A State and Federal recognized program, IEC Chesapeake’s Three-Year Telecommunications Technician Apprenticeship program, established in 2001, prepares students to excel in low-voltage applications. The live online Web-casting format was developed to meet the unique needs of low-voltage contractors who regularly move their employees, making it difficult to participate in traditional classroom-based instruction. Classes are taught by experienced, engaging instructors who encourage students participate and interaction.

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Bringing people and systems together. IEC Chesapeake’s Telecommunications Technician Apprenticeship Program is designed to prepare the apprentice to take the Level I an III BICSI certification exams (pending approval). Based on a six-semester curriculum that is typically delivered over three years, the apprenticeship program requires 2,000 hours per year in on-the-job training and a minimum of 144 hours per year in class. To ensure students are receiving the necessary hands-on training, we require apprentices to complete labs and skills training under the supervision of a journeyman or foreman on the job site. Students are eligible to apply to take the BICSI level one exam at the end of their second year, and can apply to take the level two exam at the end of their third year (pending approval).

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