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One of the largest chapters of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC), IEC Chesapeake (IECC) includes over 170 contractors and industry partners representing over 40,000 men and women in all facets of the electrical and HVAC industries. Our strong infrastructure and our relationships with other organizations and community colleges allow us to provide advanced, Hands-On education and additional resources to members. Our Online ( E Apprenticeship) program has included students as far away as Germany. While it is impossible to include all of the benefits our members receive, we encourage you to take a look at just some of the reasons the IECC family continues to grow.

In addition to General benefits, contractors can take advantage of these additional benefits:


  • State and Federally-approved apprenticeship programs
  • A full-time staff dedicated to electrical and Telecommunications Apprenticeships
  • A hands-on training philosophy, utilizing industry-leading labs and class instruction that allows students to practice in real world applications
  • Numerous teaching locations to make in-person programs more convenient for students and employers
  • Access to the only online electrical program approved by the State of Maryland & DC
  • Access to AMPS database, which tracks Apprentice grades and attendance, and compiles OJL Hours
  • Email updates to keep employers aware of any classroom issues, and a Student Newsletter
  • Students earn college credit through ACE
  • The ability to see available apprentices, or to labor share with other members is a privilege of membership.

Safety Training

  • OSHA 10- and 30-hour, CPR, and First Aid Online training
  • New contractor members receive a Safety Manual in a digital format to assist them in designing and implementing a comprehensive safety program
  • IEC Chesapeake and IEC National Safety Committees meet to discuss important industry safety trends, develop new class offerings, and provide additional resources and products to members to promote safety on the job sites

Continuing Education

  • Certification and Licensing Prep Classes
  • Specialty training in Safety, Generators, Fire Alarm Systems, Motor Controls, Low Voltage, and Data and Video
  • NICET classes in person and online
  • NABCEP approved service provider for administering the Associate Level PV Systems exam
  • Business management classes, including position-specific training
  • Business productivity seminars covering new products, software, and management techniques

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IEC Chesapeake is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our members and improving the profitability of their businesses. Our Members Only portal provides access to exclusive services that will give you a competitive advantage, from industry news, to discount programs, apprentices available, code information and select educational classes and events.

What Chapter(s) Should You Join and Why?

Some of our Contractor Members ask, “Our company has headquarters in both Maryland and (PA, NJ, NC, or Other). What chapter(s) do we join, and why?”

As with many things in life, it’s going to be all about priorities. You should always join the chapter where you have a main headquarter, but many companies today have secondary and tertiary headquarter offices, deploying electricians and technicians to various sites.

Among your considerations:

  • Where is the highest concentration of work at present? Greatest profit center?
  • Where do we need electrical apprentices or Telecomm technicians?
  • Is there a certified, registered online apprenticeship program available for students performing night work or traveling a great distance?
  • Do we need a low voltage apprenticeship as well as electrical? Do we need one more than the other at present?
  • As a member, would I have access to a list of available, employable apprentices?
  • How do we track multiple apprentices? Grades? Certifications?

Here are some answers regarding membership benefits with IECC:

If you are a Pennsylvania contractor with a corporate office in Maryland, you qualify for apprenticeship funding in Maryland.

  • IECC has a 1 Journey-worker to 1 Apprentice ratio in the state of Maryland.
  • IECC has a low voltage/Telecomm technician apprenticeship program. Neighboring chapters do not.
  • IECC has year-round apprenticeship registration; neighboring chapters do not.
  • IECC has and maintains an online database and notification system; all members receive logons allowing them to see available apprentices, what year they are in, where they are from, and their grades. These same records
    would exist for your apprentices as well for your corporate tracking. You need not duplicate this or build it in
    your office.
  • IECC has one of the best E Apprenticeship (online) Programs in the nation, registered and certified. In fact, many other IEC chapters use our program.
  • IECC has apprenticeship standards in West Virginia.
  • IECC is a related instruction provider in Virginia.

We hope this helps you and your team make the best decision possible for your business. Contact us if we can be of further assistance in your process.

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