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Information for Those Currently Employed as an Apprentice or Seeking Employment as an Apprentice

NOTE: If you are a Contractor interested in enrolling your employees at IEC Chesapeake, please click here to visit the Contractor’s FAQ page.

How to Apply to the Apprenticeship Program

At a Glance

  1. Complete and submit the application and required documents as outlined below.
  2. Be assigned an appointment time with IEC Chesapeake for an Interview and Reading/Math Assessment
  3. Complete the Reading and Math assessment.
  4. Interview with the Apprenticeship Committee
  5. Enrollment Decision

The Application Process

  1. Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It will answer most of your questions concerning the electrical apprenticeship program.
  2. Click here to go to the online application
  3. You must submit a $60 processing fee with your application. *Submitting an application does not designate you as a state registered apprentice.
  4. DEADLINES – Applications are accepted year-round. Applicants that have submitted the application prior to the deadline and complete the interview process are eligible for that session.
    • Fall Session: July 15th
    • January Session: December 1st
  5. Gather all Required Documents (you must upload copies of these documents with your application):
    • Drivers License/Government issued ID
    • Social Security Card
    • High School Diploma or GED Certificate
    • One Letter of Recommendation from Personal References
    • OSHA10 in Construction Card
    • Letter from Employer Recommending you for online Training (If applicable)
    • Transcript (If Transferring from Another Program)  
  6. Complete a Reading and Math Assessment online, and an Interview with the Apprenticeship Committee.
    • Once the Application, Processing Fee, All Required Documents, and your OSHA 10 Certificate have been received, IEC Chesapeake will contact you to schedule a date and time to take your math and reading assessment and interview.
    • As part of this appointment, you will be asked to complete a basic Math/Reading assessment to ensure you have the necessary foundation to complete the program. You must pass both of these assessments to be admitted into the program.
    • After you complete the assessment, you will interview with a member of the Apprenticeship Committee. This interview is meant for committee members to evaluate your commitment to the program, and the industry.
    • Quick tip: Have a clear understanding of why you personally are interested in pursuing a career in the electrical industry.
  7. Enrollment Decision
    • Once you have completed all the above steps, you will be informed of your enrollment decision. If you are accepted into the program, refer to our Current Student FAQ for additional information.
    • If you are not accepted into the program for any reason, you will be given the opportunity to re-qualify at the discretion of the Apprenticeship Committee.

What is a letter of reference?

As part of the IEC Chesapeake Application, prospective students are required to submit 2 Letters of Reference. A Letter of Reference is a short letter written by a non-family member that speaks to the character and qualifications of the student. It should also explain how the person knows the prospective student.

The letters can be typed, or handwritten but must come from a non-family member. We suggest asking your current or former employers, former or current teachers, former or current coworkers, or people who can specifically speak to your character. 

Be sure to give your reference plenty of notice, and thoroughly explain what is expected. Letter must be included with your other documents to ensure your application is processed.

Advanced Placement Tests

If you think you are eligible to skip a year of our program because of your work experience, and you are certain you know the code book inside and out, you may request an Advanced Placement Test. Be warned, these tests are not easy. Before attempting to skip a year, be sure to review our curriculum. An Advanced Placement Test requires a $100 nonrefundable processing fee. All Advanced Placement Tests must be taken at least 1 month prior to the start of class. 

To schedule a test, first submit your application then email [email protected].

More Questions? Go to the Apprenticeship FAQ.