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The Benefits of becoming an IEC Chesapeake “Stand Alone” Manufacturer Member… Advantage You.


“Stand Alone” versus engagement via Rep Agency:

We have many fine Rep Agencies as chapter members. If a manufacturer “lives under the umbrella” of an agency, we will promote product on behalf of the member- the agency. The agency name will always be primary, all promotion will redirect back to the agent, their site, and their contact. If you choose to “live under the umbrella” you will not be featured on promotion, you may not sponsor events without the member agent, and the promotional “billing” will always be the member. You may not deploy your own product or speakers to the apprenticeship programs- this too will be coordinated through the member and they will be primary.

You can be a “Stand Alone” Member and still coordinate with your rep (if you use and rep agent), but we would be able to promote you and extend benefits to you as a full member.

Manufacturers make a valued Associate Partner at IECC. We depend on manufacturers for material donations to our non-profit Electrical (4 Year) and Telecom Technician (3 Year) apprenticeships. Apprentices need to perform hands on labs and exams for many of the skills they study; your materials are crucial to the learning and teaching aspects of training.

IECC has (12) locations, including our Laurel, Maryland headquarters for Electrical Apprenticeship “brick and mortar”, Electrical Apprenticeship online via our E Apprenticeship (established in 2013), and the Telecom Technician/Low Voltage Apprenticeship delivered via webinar. These are state accredited apprenticeships.

Your advantage? What students learn on and practice with is what they are comfortable with- and what they will purchase and be comfortable specifying.

Our Education Department can clear your company for two high visibility opportunities:

  • Third Party Speaking: in which a company presenter will teach a skill set or procedure with their company’s product, limited to one hour*
  • E Apprenticeship video embed: if your company has product video and/or product skill, installation, or code videos, these can be considered by our E Apprenticeship program for embed for their students.

Social Media Promotion:

  • IECC is active on three major platforms and posts daily regarding useful legislation information and chapter member’s companies and products. We ONLY post about member companies. Our posts enjoy an average of 600-2000 views, depending on product and subject matter. We push out our posts additionally to other associations we belong to such as engineering and national electrical groups as well as Workforce Development.
  • These views are views you are not spending your advertising budget on- it’s part of our effort to keep attention on member companies.


Whether you wish to sponsor a craft brewery event, a foursome at the annual golf tournament, Journeyperson Graduation, Apprentice of the Month, or a classroom at the headquarter- you cannot be a sponsor if you are not a member.

Dues for the “Stand Alone”:

We offer manufacturers a “50/50” on their Associate Partner dues.

As an example, if Associate Partner dues are $2000.00 the Manufacturers 50/50 would be  50% in “cash”, $1000.00 dues, and the other 50% to be in a donation of materials to the IECC Education department that equals the remaining balance. After an induction meeting with the Board of Directors (company delegate to attend), approval is given for membership and dues are invoiced appropriately. * all new members pay a one time administrative fee of $200 for processing of application.

Materials can be reviewed with the Education Department- the same department that would grant you Third Party Speaker access and allow video embeds of your product training onto our E Apprenticeship platform.

Advantages of Joining

Advantages of Joining IECC

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