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Workforce Development

IEC Chesapeake/IECC offers career circuits in the electrical industry. Electrical professionals combine hands-on technology, mathematics, and problem-solving skills. For 35 years we have been training electrical apprentices, telecom technician apprentices, and programs for Workforce Development.

Energizing the future

“Workforce development that makes a difference” – #Whatsurcircuit

IEC Chesapeake’s Workforce Development programs are designed to promote electrical, low voltage and renewable energy professions to individuals seeking entrance into the industry. We make this education accessible by establishing relationships with high schools, trade schools, community colleges, work source centers, employment agencies and other for-profit and non-profit institutions. Our goal is to create “career circuits” for future electricians and low voltage technicians.

2023 School to Apprenticeship IECC Member Hiring Day at Laurel
2023 School to Apprenticeship IECC Member Hiring Day at Laurel

Pre-Apprenticeship Program:

“Take the first step toward a rewarding career.” – Get connected and get ahead

By participating in our 180-hour Pre-Apprenticeship program, students discover what it takes to become an electrician or a low voltage technician. The program provides classroom instruction, skills lab training, and online instruction. We prepare participants for entry into full-time employment as an “Electrical Helper” and starting electrical apprenticeship program.

students in the pre-apprenticeship program

We partner with Career Technical Education classrooms (CTE) and local public school county career organizations to sponsor field trips to our training facility where we conduct in person tours, hands-on activities, and classroom computer-enhanced/virtual reality (VR) training.

Our close relationships with local community colleges (our Education Partners) affords us opportunities to visit their Basic Electricity and Green Technology classes where IEC Chesapeake can help people explore our electrical apprenticeship offerings.

This program helps IEC Chesapeake’s contractor members meet their contractual needs while assisting residents of the community by enhancing their employability.

To learn more about our pre-apprenticeship programs, Click here – Electrical Apprenticeship Inquiry Form – IEC Chesapeake.

School to Apprenticeship ( STA ) Program* *

“Earn While You Learn”

IEC Chesapeake/IECC School-to-Apprenticeship (STA) program* registers students for YR-1 of the IECC Electrical or Low Voltage apprenticeship programs. We work with our local high schools and their students.

students in the IECC School-to-Apprenticeship (STA) program
Students in the School-to-Apprenticeship (STA) program
2023 School to Apprenticeship Pipe bending Lab/Laurel
2023 School to Apprenticeship Pipe bending Lab/Laurel

Participants in our School to Apprenticeship/STA program are placed with an IEC Chesapeake member contractor* prior to starting the course. Placement allows the student the opportunity to work the summer between their junior and senior year of high school.

Once classes begin, students typically work Monday-Thursday with an early morning start time until lunch, returning to their home high school for required courses. The program includes 450 paid on-the-job training hours & 165 hours of classroom instruction.

Upon successful completion, students will graduate high school with their diploma and Year 1 of their 4-Year Journeyworker Training in electrical construction.

After completing all three or four years (depending on the program), apprentices are eligible to obtain an industry recognized credential or Journeyworker’s Electrical License based on the apprenticeship program they complete.

*Hiring preference given to IECC Member Contractors first and non-member employers secondarily.

If you are not currently a member, please reach out to our business development team at [email protected] to learn more about chapter engagement with IEC Chesapeake.

To learn how you can become a School-to-Apprentice, Click here –  Electrical Apprenticeship Inquiry Form – IEC Chesapeake.



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