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Well, Barron’s is!

File this under, Yep, We Have an AP for That category- our Associate Partners at Lighting Environments have sent us specs on a wallpack they really love. The Barron BAW Series Field Adjustable Optics wallpack.

acrobat in contortion

Here’s the skinny:

• Adjustable light bars can be aimed in any orientation, providing downlighting, uplighting, forward aiming, backlight aiming (BAW1 and BAW2), or a combination of up/down/aiming (BAW2)

• Exterior coated with polyester powder coat paint in a bronze finish OPTICS/LEDS

• BAW1 is offered with one adjustable light bar, 360° rotation, 25 Watts or 40 Watts, over 5000 lumens • BAW2 is offered with two adjustable light bars, 360° rotation, 60 Watts or 80 Watts, over 10,500 lumens


  • Die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware
  • Housing is supplied with three ½” hubs: one on each side and one on the bottom
  • Efficacies up to 133 LPW to maximize energy savings and utility rebates
  • Class 2 power supply, 120-277VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power supply with high-power factor of 90% typical
  • Housing mounts to backplate for ease of installation
  • UL Listed for Wet Locations, IP65 rated
  • Five year warranty (terms and conditions apply)

See the specs

Flexibility and precision- aren’t we all looking for those two things?

Your local rep in Maryland is a proud member of IEC Chesapeake- IECC

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Jenny Boone
Business Development IEC Chesapeake/IECC