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Back in 2013 IEC Chesapeake launched its E Apprenticeship circuit. Our chapter has been around over thirty five years and we have learned to value of educational flexibility.


Traditional “brick and mortar” apprenticeship classes are held two evenings a week at a physical location. Even now, with blended learning classes, the commitment is one night in class, one night in the IEC Classroom Management System (CMS) online.

What happens if you are assigned to night work? What happens if you are deployed to locations well outside of your school location? What happens if you have care giving responsibilities; if your spouse works night shifts and you have children at home?

E Apprenticeship happens.

We developed this program to meet exactly those kinds of needs. Here’s your checklist:

·       Flexible learning schedule

·       Open availability

·       Geographically flexible for foreign and domestic students

·       Shift Work friendly

·       Care-giving friendly

·       Accountability through exams and hands on tests

·       Mandated State Licensing Training

·       Success in completing all four years

How does it work?

·       Web based program, LMS Learning Management System

·       Laptop, desktop, tablet (phone-exceptions to this)

·       IEC approved curriculum

·       Four year *(144 hours/year) available

·       IECC trains electricians – we do not train to simply pass a test

·       Accountability. Apprentices are employed full time by either chapter Contractor Members, or by non-member employers. Earn while you learn.

How do I get started?

·       Available 24 hours/day/7da/week/365 days/per

·       Entry into E-Apprenticeship – math exam – reading exam

·       Taken previous electrical instruction? – challenge exams are available

·       Apply – books ordered – information sent

·       Visit E Apprenticeship

Your education should be flexible and available. Your education should not come to a halt because of a change in schedule or physical assignment.
Consider the E Apprenticeship circuit to power your future!

Jenny Boone
IECC, Business Development