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Applying logic is always a good thing…and our Associate Partners at Milwaukee Tools apply it in “‘full force”.

The product announcement below explains the virtues of Milwaukee’s new crimpers. Milwaukee Tools are One Key (TM) Reporting enabled; store that critical job data and reproduce great results every time.

Milwaukee crimping tool

Direct from Milwaukee:

“The M18™ Force Logic™ 750 MCM Dieless Crimper represents the culmination of Milwaukee’s investment and dedication to fundamentally understanding what it takes to make a good electrical connection.

With this launch Milwaukee® is unveiling the industry’s first Autonomous Distance-Based Crimper with the introduction of Auto Distance Control. Auto Distance Control incorporates a linear distance sensor and linear encoded ram to continuously measure crimp distance along with pressure. The technology enables the tool to sense the instant it contacts the connector; measures the outside diameter to determine its size while simultaneously calculating a target final crimp distance.

This revolutionary technology delivers optimal compression for each individual size allowing for Uniform Crimp Appearance and Single Crimp UL Classified Connections from #6 to 750 MCM Copper and Dual Rated Lugs and Splices.

All Milwaukee® Crimpers are ONE KEY™ enabled, allowing the user instant access to that full range of benefits. Critical crimp data is stored on tool and can be wirelessly synced to ONE KEY™ Reporting, which enables users to close out a job with confidence, producing professional reports of all crimps made across Multiple Crimpers on a Jobsite.

Auto Distance Control has firmly entrenched Milwaukee® as the innovation and technology leader in compression technology delivering The Simplest Way to Crimp and embodies the Force Logic™ promise of The Smartest Way to Work.”

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Let’s see…better, faster, accurate, and stores your data for great results every time? Faster, assured accuracy in the field? Sounds like you’re going to get paid on time and land the developer’s next job. WIN, WIN

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC