Architectural Rail Lighting? Yep! We Have an AP for That!


Our Associate Partners (APs) at Lighting Environments keep bringing us extraordinary commercial lighting...and because we're so generous, we're sharing it with you.

Lighting Environments are your reps and specifiers for Wagner Architectural Systems- "... a leading global provider of architectural railing systems dedicated to producing life safety and lighting products that meet the highest standards of quality, engineering and code compliance."

And the Wagner Lumenrails are gorgeous. Visit their image gallery to take a look at how effective great rail lighting can be. In many of the examples the rail lighting is the only light in the application.

If you're specifying a project involving rail or commercial wall lighting, pathways, underground walkways, or transport stations, you should consider Wagner Architectural Systems.

"We work with architects, lighting designers, engineers and contractors to deliver complete product systems, or custom engineer and fabricate design-specific railing and panel solutions that provide safety, assist navigation, and elevate the architectural aesthetic of common space designs.

With expertise in manufacturing, code requirements and addressing LEED building standards, we are a partner who can meet your specifications and deliver installations with the fit, finish, beauty and performance you desire."

Do you have a challenging site where you need point specific lighting on a handrail? W.A.S. has a product called Lumenpod that addresses this need; built for curves and elevation challenges.

Lumenrail, Lumenpod(s), and Lumenlinear.

Make your commercial job a standout- day and night.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC



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