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Celebrating the life of Peter Bowers April 5, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM at the IEC Chesapeake Laurel Office. 

Peter Bowers

Join us for light refreshments to share stories and remember a life lived to the fullest.

Sadly, we received notice on Friday that Pete Bowers passed away.  Pete had a tremendous impact not just for the IEC at the national and local levels but for the entire industry as a whole. Pete had touched many lives and careers in a positive way over the years. His selfless giving of his time to promote our trade, protect our businesses and personal wellbeing, serving our organization and educating master, journeymen and apprentice electricians is unequaled.

Some highlights of Pete’s career include:

At the IEC Chesapeake level:
• Continuing Education Instructor, Apprenticeship instructor 1992-2004
• Skills USA Judge 2002-2011
• Chapter Executive Committee 1990-1999 as well as several other committees
• Chapter President 1994-1997
• Regularly appeared to testify on behalf of the chapter and the industry at many Maryland Legislative Sessions

At the IEC – National level:
• Regular attendee and contributor to multiple Apprenticeship Instructor Conferences
• Served on the National Residential Curriculum Taskforce
• Served on NEMA C119 Panel
• Served on Building Codes Advisory Committee Washington DC
• Served on Code Making Panel 6 2002-2014
• Served on Code Making Panel 17 2014-Present
• IEC National Board of Director 1994-1999

Pete was always a major force in the local construction industry. For over 20 years prior to Pete joining the IEC he was tirelessly involved in local codes and legislative committees. He was well known in the Washington Building Congress as well as the local inspection agencies. Prior to joining IEC, Pete also served as a management trustee for IBEW-Washington DC NECA Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Committee.

When Pete and his company left the IBEW to join IEC it created quite the stir in the local construction industry circles. Pete immediately proved his worth by quickly adopting and promoting the merit shop/IEC philosophy. He never missed a chance to tell others that merit shop contracting was bettering his life as well as his employees’ lives.

Peter firmly believed that being a merit shop contractor and belonging to IEC went hand and hand. He lived and breathed IEC and was constantly encouraging other contractors and partner members to join. His total involvement on local and national levels demonstrated his commitment of time and money to IEC and the principles for which it stands.

Pete demonstrated a total commitment to IEC by his investment of time and resources in the service to IEC both nationally and at the chapter level. Pete went so far as to provide office space in his building for chapter offices early in the chapter history. Even in his semi-retirement and move to Texas he felt the need to join the IEC Dallas chapter.

The fact that Pete took his company, his employees and his professional involvement and departed the IBEW and NECA to become a merit ship contractor speaks volumes. His departure demonstrated in a very real way his commitment to the merit shop philosophy. Pete never failed to promote the benefits of open shop vs. union and is always willing to debate this issue in an intelligent and cordial manner. Pete was considered locally and nationally to be an authority on the National Electrical Code and was always willing to help others to understand it better. He also consistently mentored other contractors both educationally and businesswise.

Pete represented our industry innumerable times on the national, state and local levels regarding pending legislation and its subsequent effects on contractors, manufacturers and the general public.  Pete served 2 years on the Maryland State Electrical Board.

For several years, Pete was the only non-union member of NECA in our area due to his being such a noted and respected authority on electrical code.  He consistently served on National Code Making Panels and personally educated a substantial number of apprentice, journeyman and master electricians over the years. Pete served as a 3rd party inspector in several jurisdictions right up into his retirement and always served as a liaison between the local inspection departments and contractors.

Pete mentored others through his career throughout his life while setting a fine example as a professional and a gentleman. His lengthy service on various panels and Committees has protected the consumer and helped create a safe environment for us all. Pete was always involved in working with young adults whether it be through workforce development or apprenticeship training. He has taught and mentored many individuals over the years and has left a lasting impression on those that have had the pleasure of being touched by him.

Pete Bowers was a legend.  The world and our industry is a better place due to him and anyone that knew Pete is a better person for having done so.