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Dear Third Party Agencies,
Effective immediately, DCRA is amending Administrative Bulletin CC2018-01 issued January 19, 2018.
For the next two weeks, through March 16, 2018, inspectors are instructed not to fail, disapprove, or refuse to perform an inspection only because the master tradesperson to whom a trade permit is issued is not present during the required inspection.   If there are code violations discovered during the inspection the inspector must fail or disapprove the inspection.  If the inspection fails due to technical code reasons on two occasions or, in the professional judgement of the inspector, the violation is a serious life-safety issue the inspector can require the presence of the master tradesperson at the next inspection.  The failed inspection must be documented on the on-site inspection record and on the inspection report for the inspection visit.  These failed inspections must be uploaded to AMO.
In the event the contractor or owner cannot provide a DC licensed professional when requested, please notify DCRA and we will assist in the matter to help the Owner become compliant.
DCRA will be releasing a modified Administrative Bulletin.
Any questions should be directed to Jeff Reiss – [email protected]   202-481-3384