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Taking an Active Role in Policymaking

Government policy is an important factor in business operations. From labor relations, to project labor agreements, to taxes, to electrical codes and regulations, the government plays a part in all aspects. Even a minor amendment to a law can increase costs, hinder business growth, and put companies at a competitive disadvantage. It is important for members to be active in governmental affairs so policy makers can hear about the issues that affect electrical, renewable energy and low voltage contractors directly. Some of our members are appointed to state apprenticeship councils, and county and state electrical boards.


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Your Government Affairs Committee

Elected and appointed officials can help or hurt businesses with their actions. Many times, these actions unfortunately result in businesses suffering. Being an active part of the legislative process is key to having your voice heard by law makers. Members participate in hearings and visit law makers in an effort to let those involved in legislature know how their decisions impact our businesses.

Your IEC Governmental Affairs Committee advocates on behalf of members with elected appointed officials in Local, State, and Federal Government. Committee members review legislation, testify, and meet with policy makers throughout the year to support issues of importance. Among key issues are labor, renewable energy, apprenticeship, regulation, and taxation. IEC Chesapeake specifically focuses on policies affecting the following states:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • West Virginia

At the National Level

Here are some of the federal regulations that IEC gets involved with on its members’ behalf:

  • Employee Free Choice Act
  • Union-Only Project Labor Agreements
  • Green Jobs Act
  • Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Rate Reform
  • Association Healthcare Plans
  • Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
  • Repeal of the Death Tax
  • Repeal of the 3% Withholding on Government Contracts
  • RESPECT (Re-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Tradeworkers) Act

 At the State Level

Here are some of the target issues for us at the state level:

  • Actively working with a lobbying firm
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Successful grassroots effort to protect daytime trade programs at the Arlington Career Center
  • Apprenticeship ratio issues, as well as licensing issues to include reciprocity & CEUs
  • Sub-contractor issues (i.e. Mechanics and Lien Laws)
  • Representation by IEC members on local electrical boards, state apprenticeship councils, and workforce development policy boards

To get more information about our government affairs committee or to become a member, contact us online or call us at (301) 621-9545 or toll free at (800) 470-3013.

Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program

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Events & News Feed

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