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Once upon a time I worked for Atlantic Electric Supply, a Washington, D.C. distributor, as a lighting specifier. I had the happy responsibility of representing Atlantic at IEC Chesapeake; I sat on the Apprenticeship Committee for a number of years.

In 2013 the chapter made the leap to include the apprenticeship program as an online offering. Why? Because we were running into two conditions: students assigned to night work, unable to attend school two nights a week and students being deployed out of state on temporary assignments for their companies.

In short order we found that another category of student fit this profile also- the care giver. Some have young families where the spouse works at night, requiring the other parent home. Some are caring for elderly or infirmed parents in the home and need to be there at night.

Our Online Apprenticeship Program is not a sudden reaction to the pandemic; we have been here the last seven years. 

The current global situation suddenly threw our 900 students into a need for an online format to finish Spring 2020.

I’d like to say we are that smart…but we are luckier than we were smart. Thank goodness we have a fully functioning, accredited, online answer for our apprentices.

Why Choose IEC Chesapeake’s Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program?

·       Uses the approved U.S. Department of Labor IEC National Apprenticeship Four Year curriculum

·       100% web-based

·       Accessible 24/7—learn at your time and convenience

·       Registration at your fingertips

·       Military Friendly

·       Challenge testing available

·       Credit transfers allowed

·       Site administration by award-winning trail blazers and innovators focused on the education of the apprentice electrician

·       Visit us https://www.iecchesapeake.com/education/electrical-apprenticeship-programs/online-four-year-electrical-apprenticeship-program/

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC