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Before your mind goes down a recreational path, let’s talk about apprentices.

I often encounter employers that prefer to hire more experienced apprentices, those that have been through 2 or 3 years of training and instruction, hoping their investment is less and the employee brings established behaviors with them. I could not agree more…less investment and established behaviors are exactly what one will get.


I always ask, “What are your fears with hiring green”?

The typical responses include, they aren’t committed to a career yet and may drop out, their lack of skills puts my company at greater risk, and it takes so long before they become productive employees.

I’m immediately comforted to know someone is putting so much thought into helping me make my argument. That is, choosing to make a lower investment in your employee doesn’t sit well with most employees or other employers, hiring established behaviors is as risky if not more than hiring no established habits at all. Very few green employees or first year apprentices are committed to anything.

They are waiting for you to show them the way and convince them to be committed to the industry and your company. Lacking skill does come with some risk but, no more than the complacency that comes with experience. And finally, productive employees do take time…your time.

The time you spend with your green employees will be the best use of your time and the greatest investment you can make in your company. You will train and mold that person into an image that you want when representing your company. You will rest assured that decisions are made based on your influence and judgements are satisfied to your standards.

In time…your time, you will develop an employee that is committed to you and your company. Your investment will pay dividends beyond your expectations, and that employee will become a valued asset simply because of the risk they eliminate or mitigate for you.

A wise man once said, “Better to train someone and let them leave then to not train them and let them stay”.

… I say, “It’s always better to grow your own”.

We can help with that. Check us out.

Mike Basham
Vice President of Education/IEC Chesapeake