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diverging paths

Our Star Pupil for 2018 is back, starting Fall courses, Year Two. Here’s a few words from Andrew Park, IEC Chesapeake Apprentice:

“I’ve always had an interest in construction…

Whether it was doing a project around the house or driving past a construction site- I like it all. I didn’t know what trade I wanted to be in but I took an introduction course which taught me small aspects of different trades and electrical caught my interest the most.

I am currently moving into my second year of electrical apprenticeship with IEC Chesapeake; I am hoping to learn and understand more commercial environments. The higher voltage settings I am now working in are commercial environments.

I started in residential in first year but I wanted to learn commercial. I hadn’t worked in that kind of setting often.

By the end of my second year of apprenticeship I would hope to be fully capable of wiring an electrical panel/ panels along with working on my troubleshooting skills in the field. I want to see myself working with higher voltages, doing more commercial or even industrial work.

I still like residential; I think resi will always be something I can fall back to doing if I don’t end up liking commercial work.

As an electrical professional, I’ll have a lot of choices. It feels good to look forward to a career that offers a lot of variables.”

Well, Thank You Andrew– and may we say, we are proud of you and over 700 other students engaged both in IECC brick and mortar as well as Online Apprenticeship.

An electrical appretniceship to Journeyman licensure takes four years, all while the candidate is working full time. A Master Electrician takes another four years of schooling while working.

Sound familiar? Many people outside of Trades do not understand the amount of class time and years of study that go into apprenticeships. The next time you call an electrician, plumber, or other certified tradesman for help, think about what they have accomplished to be there for you!

Grant Shmelzer, Executive Director
Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/IECC