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USBC device

I’m sure it’s no revelation to you that you HAVE to replace your phone about every two years. Right?

No batteries, no way to hold onto the phone you just paid for, couldn’t if you wanted to anyway because the platform has changed so much you’re obsolete.

Right. So I gave up being angry about this years ago (…or did I???) and the last time I had to replace my android, I sauntered into Verizon, asked for a patient millennial- because I’m leaving fully loaded and functional, not doing this at home- and the lovely lad I worked with said, “There’s a new charger- you won’t have to replace this over and over or have 4 different chargers all over the place!”

Suuuurrrre, I thought. He may even believe this, but it can’t be a thing.

Well, Legrand says “It’s a thing”. The USB C charger is a good change, and one we want to embrace. Think of “C” for convenience. Chief among it’s talents, high speed.

“First and foremost, you can benefit from USB Type-C’s high-speed specs. The majority of USB Type-C ports are designed to work with a significantly faster standard – the USB 3.1 Gen 2 protocol – than most of the Type-A options. This standard boosts the speed for both data delivery, say for the next time you’re downloading a movie prior to a plane ride, and for charging when getting those beloved phones to a full battery. Added to this, many USB C devices also support Thunderbolt 3, which might sound like a cool race car, but is instead a monstrously fast data-transfer technology from Intel, as well as USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which increases power potential drastically for faster charging and efficient powering of much larger devices. While making the most of these fast features requires use of the right accessories, as discussed in an earlier post, it’s important to know that USB C isn’t just newer, it can truly be better.” Legrand

…and our Associate Partners at Legrand just happen to make outlets with the USB C integrated. How nice is that? One in the wet bar, one in the kitchen, and bedside.

Legrand- I’ve said it before, but, really- could I love you any more than I already do?

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IECC/ IEC Chesapeake