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Registered Apprenticeship Related Instruction Grant Opportunity

As part of its program to expand Registered Apprenticeship in our state, funded under the ApprenticeshipUSA Expansion grants, the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has made funds available to support a portion of the costs of Related Instruction for existing sponsors of Registered Apprenticeship that have been inactive for five or more years but that now wish to reactivate their programs with new apprentice(s).  These funds may also be accessed by Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors with Joint or Non-Joint Programs who have Signatory Contractors or Participating Contractors who either have not participated in five or more years OR are new to Registered Apprenticeship and wish to participate with your program. 

Funds will be awarded to applicants in an amount up to $3,000 per new Registered Apprentice to help support a portion of the costs of Related Instruction associated with a sponsor’s Registered Apprenticeship program.  Funds are available on a first come, first served basis and only can be used to fund the actual costs of Related Instruction.

If you are interested in this funding, submit an electronic copy of a fillable application to complete for consideration for support of a portion of the costs for Related Instruction for new Registered Apprentices.  This fillable form has been created to assist you in capturing the information needed to comply with Funding Request requirements.  The fields in gray need your input. You can use the TAB key to quickly navigate to each field.  All sections shown below must be addressed. 

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or how to apply please contact Jeff Smith directly at [email protected] or 410-767-0227.