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Members Only Forms & Documents

IEC Chesapeake creates documents and forms for members only to help improve the communication about our organization and the services we offer. Periodically, we update this page with new downloads. Please visit this page regularly for the latest information.

IEC Chesapeake Committees Handbook

IECC Committees – Handbook

As a member-driven organization, it’s important for IEC Chesapeake to get the involvement and feedback of its members to help us improve the services we offer and our advocacy role in the industry. Download a copy of this handbook for details about our committees and the commitment that we ask of each volunteer.

IEC Chesapeake Committee Volunteer Form

Committee Volunteer Form

Do you want to create a positive impact on the services we offer for Apprenticeship, Continuing Education, Legislation, Membership, Renewable Energy, Networking Safety, or Workforce Development? Make a difference. Volunteer to become a committee chair or member by downloading and completing this form.

IEC Chesapeake Bylaws

IEC Chesapeake’s current corporate bylaws.

IEC Chesapeake Member Roster

Click here to access the National Member Directory that includes specific IEC Chesapeake members.
Or contact [email protected].

IEC Chesapeake Member Needs Form

To help fulfill our members’ needs in regards to apprentices we ask that you complete the Members Needs form below. We have entry level through post 4th year students that are looking for a contractor like you to work for.

You can also view the available apprentices by clicking on Employable Apprentices on the main employer page once you log in. Should you hire any of the students on the list please contact the office so we can pull them off the list.

For any questions, please call 301-621-9545.

Should you need to loan or borrow Journeymen, please Contact Carey Walker at 301.317.1631, [email protected] or Amber Leber at 301.317.1632, [email protected].


Please complete the fields below.

Manpower staging recommendations:

  • Contractors develop resources by training employees through an approved Apprenticeship Program.
  • Identify transportation availability for those prospects that do not presently have a car but could be a viable part of your employee team.
  • Use of minorities. Note:  women are an untapped resource.
  • Support Career & Technical programs (identify the one in your county).  These students are presently the best-trained potential future electricians coming into the workforce.
  • Other potential resources:
    • Retirees – We are seeing more and more trained personnel retiring after only 20 or 25 years of service. This makes them 38 – 45.  There are many ways to use or retrain this resource.
    • English as 2nd language employees, especially Hispanics – develop your resources allowing your company the ability to communicate in Spanish.
    • Part time labor (High School Students).
    • Retooling Undertrained Labor – Using an in depth program (subsidized by the local or Federal governments).  Its there awaiting our use.

If you have questions or comments about the documents and forms on this page, contact us at (301) 621-9545.