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IEC Chesapeake is working to move apprenticeship students to an alternative method of instruction and will notify students of their revised schedule shortly. Questions can be directed to Joe Harber at 301.621.9545 x106 or Ed Hersl at 301.621.9545 x107. For updates on COVID-19 please visit


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Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program

IEC Online Electrical Program

Prepare for a career —
not just a job.

Four-Year Electrical Apprenticeship Related

Instruction Training Program

100% Online | Credit Transfer  | Challenge Testing Available

The IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) four year, Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is designed to elevate you to the level of a qualified, professional electrician.

IEC is the ONLY national organization strictly for the merit shop electrical contractor, apprentice, secondary educated or those interested in the electrical field. Our four year Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is an intensive study designed to provide the necessary electrical theory and practical training to earn the status of Journeyman Electrician.

Located in Laurel, Maryland, IEC-Chesapeake is an outstanding, progressive member of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), Inc., the industry’s premier national trade association. With offices in Maryland and Virginia IEC Chesapeake helps electrical, low voltage and renewable energy contracting companies and students, like you, gain an advantage. After graduating from our Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program, you will become an in-demand electrician and have the potential to earn the highest income within the construction sector.

As OL (online) managers, we have perfected an online system that has proven to be beneficial to those that do not live near a classroom or have to travel for their employer. Our system does not eliminate the classroom but gives a different delivery method for those that wish to become an electrician or are in a situation with their employer to continue to achieve their goal.


Year One   |    Year Two  |    Year Three   |    Year Four


The 1st year curriculum teaches you the basics of electricity. 2nd year curriculum builds upon what you have learned the 1st year. The 3rd year expands your knowledge on what you learned in years 1 & 2. Finally, the 4th year lessons complete your supplemental instruction and prepares you for your journeyman's exam.

Year One   |    Year Two  |    Year Three   |    Year Four

Unable to attend a traditional classroom

Are you unable to attend a traditional classroom for any reason?


Our Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is designed to allow flexibility for students who live too far away to commute, or for whatever reason are unable to attend a traditional classroom environment.


Shift work or evening work

Has varied shift work or night work kept you from furthering your education?


Our Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is web-based and uses an integrated training model so you can train online at your own convenience, from anywhere!

Global interaction

Are you seeking an opportunity for global interaction, training and communication?


From mobile phones, digital assistants and other means of artificial intelligence, technology is creating opportunities for electricians, and IEC Chesapeake's Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is empowering our apprentices...wherever you are!

Why Choose IEC Chesapeake's Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program?

we support our troops

IEC Chesapeake Builds a Foundation for Your Success

  • Our Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program uses the approved US Department of Labor IEC National Apprenticeship Four Year curriculum
  • Our four year Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program is web-based
  • Accessible 24/7 at your time & pace
  • Registration at your fingertips
  • Military Friendly
  • Administration of the web site is by award winning trail blazers and innovators with the focus on the education of the apprentice electrician
  • Credit Transfer: Based on the requirements - if you have previous related instruction- send in a copy of your transcript and it will be evaluated for credit toward the IEC related instruction.
  • Challenge Testing: Based on the requirements of the program – you may be eligible to “test out” of a portion of the program. For example – a semester or a full year.
  • Program: There are eight modules to the curriculum. You will receive a certificate for each module that is completed as per all requirements of the program.
  • ACE Credit: IEC’s Electrical Apprenticeship Program has been reviewed by the American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit
  • Recommendation Service (CREDIT): Depending on your course of study, you may be eligible for up to 40 semester hours of college transfer credit. That is worth over $30,000 of college education using the average tuition cost currently in the US!
  • Global student: Living outside the continental US- The system is designed with you in mind. Get a four year approved related instruction program in the convenience of your home. Becoming an electrician is a rewarding career. However, check out the rules and regulations that pertain to the electrical education in your area.
  • Student with no employer: You have the opportunity to begin the related instruction online while searching for a job. This Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program will make you marketable to electrical companies for employment due to the motivation and enthusiasm of self-starting the program.
  • Student in another IEC Chapter: Contact your chapter Executive Director or Training Director to assist with your registration.
  • Student in IEC-Chesapeake Chapter: As a state approved sponsor in DC, MD, PA, WV and VA*, the Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program will meet the same USDOL requirements as the traditional classroom. To be considered for an Online Program through IEC-Chesapeake, a student must live more than 45 miles away from the nearest IEC Chesapeake classroom training site or must be maintaining a work schedule that precludes them from classroom training. An IEC-Chesapeake student must include a letter from their employer recommending them for the online program.
  • States without an IEC Chapter such as Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands are able to train their apprentices with the same quality course offerings as if they were in a traditional classroom.

We are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

MD Workforce System
Maryland Apprenticeship Ambassador Program

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