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Our Associate Partners at Phoenix Sales have sent us the latest and greatest from RAB; TEMP-LED. “The LED work light built to perform.”


And who doesn’t love THAT?  “TEMP-LED is: 

  • Available in 2 lumen packages
  • Replaces up to 320W PSMH
  • Daisy chain capability
  • 18,000-Hour LED lifespan
  • Impact resistant and protected against dust and water
  • Economical, portable LED solution for job sites
  • Carabiner hook for easy hanging
  • Keep it cool. With external fins for maximum heat dissipation, the TEMP-LED runs cool, even in ambient temperatures of up to 104°F.”

Yellow, so you can’t miss it, and available in two wattages, both 5000 kelvin, offering a 65% energy savings over their older, slower, incandescent cousins…

A far cry from the rough work, heavy duty filaments strung up on job sites back in the day.

Uh oh….I just dated myself. Darn it.

Need a spec sheet? Contact our friends at Phoenix Sales. Tell ’em IECC sent you.

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC
[email protected]