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March 10, 2017


IEC Chesapeake, Laurel Campus

Please be our guest…at the upcoming SEE, Inc Safety~Fest 2017.   

This is going to be an educational but fun filled day of learning.  We will have a total of four training tracks to choose your classes from.

Event Details

Training Tracks ~ 

Each Track Offer’s 4 Classes

Human Resources ~ 1
General Safety ~ 3

Thanks to our sponsors we are bringing out Safety~Fest 2017 to you…  For FREE…. That’s right, this will be FREE! So, there are no excuses for not attending; excellent training for free!

We will be offering four training tracks which will be a total of sixteen classes; a nice variety of topics. Each attendee will receive a certificate upon completing their class.


Due to an unfortunate incident, the Spanish classes scheduled for Safety~Fest 2017 are being cancelled.  We will be replacing them with English training tracks.  The new training agenda is currently being created and will be emailed later today.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to this change.