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From our Associate Partners at R.C. Colerick, your friendly local reps of all things Intermatic and Arlington, come two exciting product announcements:

Smart In-Wall Timer

The New Wi-Fi Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer helps contractors save time on installations while offering homeowners convenient tech-forward features.

Contractor Benefits:

  1. Save an average of 5 to 15 minutes on every Ascend time switch installation with streamlined smartphone programming options
  2. Wi-Fi Not required – Fully set and schedule Ascend with any smartphone or tablet using a secure peer-to-peer communication channel. WiFi is not required for initial setup.

Homeowner Benefits:

  1. Download the Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer app to any Apple or Android device to update programming schedules at anytime.
  2. Pair the Ascend Smart In Wall Timer with Amazon Alexa to enable voice activated commands, including on/off and status check. 
  3. No hub or Wi-Fi is required for set-up. Get many of the benefits a complex home automation system without the hassle. 
  4. LCD Interface helps new homeowners connect to existing Ascend units, assists when syncing a new smartphone. https://www.intermatic.com/ascend

From Arlington:

Arlington’s Grounding Connector – New Larger Size

Two connectors accommodate an extra-wide cable range and are listed for use with Stranded and Solid copper and aluminum wire. Installs from inside or outside of a metal box or enclosure. 

The GC50 cable range is #8 to #2 SOLID and STRANDED and the GC75 cable range is #1 to 3/0 SOLID and STRANDED. http://www.aifittings.com/catalog/grounding/

Need help? Contact the team at R.C. Colerick; proud members of IEC Chesapeake.

Jenny Boone, Business Development IEC Chesapeake/IECC