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Our Associate Partners at Colerick Electrical Sales love Light Efficient Designs solution driven product- and here’s another one. The LED-8242M, 270W retrofit high bay replaces a 1000W old school high bay- you do the math.

warehouse space interior

I’ll give you a clue: new LED-8242M + your retrofit job= Customer Satisfaction.

See? elementary math. Don’t take my word for it, visit the 8242M here

“Light Efficient Design’s High Bay LED retrofits have been designed specifically for use in HID High Bay fixtures. Our form-follow-function product design delivers unsurpassed lumen output, broad even light distribution, easy installation and up to 80% in energy and labor savings over existing HID technology. All models utilize our Advanced Active Cooling technology delivering consistently higher LED efficacy and life when placed within enclosed fixtures.


  • Delivers up to 2x higher delivered lumens and efficacy compared to retrofits using generic LED “corn lamps”.
  • Wide, even light distribution eliminates “hot spot” usually seen with LED luminaires.
  • Available in 100W and 140W LED models replacing HID Lamps up to 400W.
  • Choice of 4000K or 5700K.
  • Safety rated and heat tested within fully enclosed fixtures from -40 to +122F ambient temperatures.
  • UL Listed 1993 and UL Classified 1598C (retrofitted fixture retains UL, EX39 models only) within USA and Canada.
  • Design Patents: 29/517,391; 29/454,181, 29/519,210

Warehouse space? Distribution center? Airplane hanger? Reach out to Colerick Electrical Sales and Light Efficient Designs. Save energy and Advil all at the same time.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake