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Venerable line of flexible metallic conduit systems is now fully compliant with worldwide standards, ready for use anywhere on the globe

T&B Liquidtight Systems® Expands Product Line for Global Use

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 14, 2018 – Thomas & Betts (T&B), a member of the ABB Group, recently expanded its line of T&B Liquidtight Systems® flexible metal conduit systems to offer a complete range of solutions that are compliant with international standards.

All T&B Liquidtight Systems components are tested to the same global standards as enclosures to ensure a liquid-tight installation in even the most demanding applications. T&B Liquidtight Systems products are available in trade sizes ranging from 3/8-inch to 6-inch or 12 mm to 155 mm.

T&B also has facilitated the process of selecting specific products in the T&B Liquidtight Systems line with the introduction of Quick Select Tables, which identify the appropriate selection of conduit, fittings, seal gaskets and accessories by application and trade size.

“With the addition of T&B Liquidtight Systems FMC to our industry-leading line of liquid-tight fittings, T&B now provides a globally approved, high-quality system solution,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director, Installation Products, at ABB Electrification Products. “In addition to the line’s characteristically high ingress protection, products are available to provide data security, chemical and corrosion resistance, wide or extreme temperature tolerance, and electromagnetic protection.”

T&B Liquidtight Systems are designed to perform in a range of applications that include industrial environments, computers, and those that must meet corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, extreme-temperature, halogen-free and food-grade requirements. Other applications include those that require electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to protect from electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) for factory automation, communications systems and electronic controls; halogen-free applications, such as subways, tunnels, commercial buildings and confined public spaces; computer blue applications, such as data centers, which require protection from a wide range of hazards, including water, oil and mild acid, as well as offer color-coding options; and extreme temperature resistance.

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