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Remember coming home from school…walking into the house and your Mom had warm fish sticks in the oven for a snack? Neither do I!

electrician with wires

The fish sticks I’m talking about are Milwaukee’s electrical Fish Sticks, 25′ combo kit, and new lighted tip accessory. See kit here

The kit offers (4) 5′ low flex and (1) 5′ Mid flex Fish Stick kit. Sticks are color coded by flexibility and have a protective anti-splinter coating. The kit is compatible with all Milwaukee Fish Sticks and Fish Stick accessories.

Speaking of accessories, here’s a nifty addition: the lighted tip accessory.

“Our Lighted Tip Fish Stick Accessory provides the best visibility. Light is directed forward even when you are using it with other tool accessories. The tip features an LED light and replaceable batteries. The Lighted Tip provides you with durability for heavy job site use. It is compatible with all Milwaukee┬« electrical fish sticks and fish stick accessories.”

Turn off your ovens and let’s go fishin’!

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC