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Whether you own a business, or are a manager for a business, the future is always on your mind.  Our Associate Partners at BENECO understand you. In fact, their motto is “Always Building”, and building your benefits programs are what they are all about.

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Here is a sampling of what a group like BENECO can do for you:

  • Turnkey solutions, Third Party Administration, and Registered Investment Advisory
  • Contractor-Focused Business: Unique Market with unique needs; Only 34% of Construction workers have 401(k) and less than 50% have access to Health
  • Prevailing Wage Experts: Using unique contributions to improve the plan and generate 8-10% labor burden savings
  • Holistic Benefits Solutions: Allows for full maximization and usage of prevailing wage dollars, using waterfall approach; Lower cost with one person to call
  • Assume Fiduciary Liability: Only 7% of the market offers the highest level of protection
  • Focused Investment Lineup: Open architecture allows us to pick the best of the best; Focused lineup is designed with 30 years of data from contractors, and creates a lineup that ensure diversification and leverages TDFs.
  • Compliance & Testing Services: Our Compliance Team performs 40% better than the market and is actively modeling the plan to ensure plan maximization
  • Reduce Administrative Burden: Freeing up time for your internal staff to focus on GROWTH tactics
  • Single Point of Contact: Dedicated client success team to support you, your plan sponsors, and their employees; Hold times less than 5 minutes!
  • BENECO Always Building

As a Contractor or Distributor- you’re busy building the future. Literally.

If any of these services are outside of your company’s wheelhouse, reach out to BENECO. They can consult, advise, and /or provide services.

Do what you do, and farm out the rest. Measure twice and cut once!

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC