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interior of medical facility with powerful lights


From our Associate Partners at Lighting Environments comes an exciting product announcement: PURO Lighting is a technology making UV affordable and available for large and small medical settings.

“Underutilized Defense

UV light has years of research in clinical settings proving its efficacy and safety for eliminating some of the most challenging pathogens in our everyday environments including MRSA, E. coli, Norovirus and C. diff. Infection control experts agree that UV is a crucial tool in the battle to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). This begs an important question.

If UV is so effective and safe, why isn’t it widely deployed?


Until recently the best available way to deploy UV was through a large mobile pushcart. Mobile UV carts are helping improve patient outcomes in hospitals that can afford to deploy them, but the high costs to purchase, operate, and maintain them are limiting when and where this vital tool can be deployed.

High costs are keeping UV technology out of the hands of community healthcare facilities and the broader commercial market.

The Miniaturization of UV

The miniaturization of high intensity, full spectrum UV light is a significant breakthrough for disinfection technology. Powered by Violet Defense™ technology, this patented pulsed xenon light system can disinfect any room of any size, at any time you want.

Our approach is making UV disinfection technology accessible to organizations with any size budget. ” Visit PURO

They call it “disinfection by design”, and it makes sense. The UV lighting products can be placed in or throughout a space allowing flexibility in your coverage. The facility can choose to control by switches in the space, or automate the systems to avoid human error.

Hospitals, gyms, food service areas, hospitality and education applications. Germ warfare in a very non invasive way, avoiding chemicals that may irritate people inhabiting the spaces and perform at a lower rate.

This is a definite technology win-win.

Talk to Lighting Environments about PURO today if your work takes you to any of these applications- and we bet it does!

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC