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I love a good second half; a re-invention. Texas Fluorescent was wise enough to do this with their company when LED emerged as a real “thing”.


Fifty years after Larry Sayah started with a small fluorescent operation, Saylite is the reinvention of a line lighting specifiers already knew for delivery, pricing, and product.

Our friends and Associate Partners at Lighting Environments just sent us the specs on something they knew we would love; the Saylite SBX or “sky box” LED. This subtle, efficient beauty appears as a “skylight” in the ceiling, but is a workhorse fixture available in a variety of sizes and kelvins (3500-5000).

Look at the specs here

As a retired lighting specifier myself, I can tell you this would have caught my eye both residentially and commercially; as Saylite wisely points out on their site, what appears in a commercial setting today will be in a residential setting tomorrow…I agree.

This is sleek and clever…just the way I like it!

The best light happens when you can’t pinpoint exactly where it comes from- and the SBX is a great example of “quiet lighting”.

Reach out to Lighting Environments or Saylite to discover what you’re missing.

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapeake/IECC