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Contractor, industry expert, and Purdue University professor Kirk Alter and IEC Chesapeake are joining together to provide this timely series of 4-week programs for all-comers.

Project management, planning, and proactive measures will be more important than ever before as we return to work and work sites.

This will be a weekly, four week, live video class starting July 15th on Wednesday nights from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. via Webex; materials will be provided via Dropbox. Use your computer, laptop, phone or other digital devices!

Last week we published Kirk’s first six categories he will be drilling down on-here are six more:

7. Notification – because of the additional risks posed by the crises, you must both modify your notification letters to the customer and actually start to utilize them as a tool to successfully negotiate. 

8. Change Orders – you have even more costs to recover now than ever before. In this program you’ll learn how to revise your standard change order format, proposal, and estimates.

9. Marketing & Selling – there will be many contractors, large and small, who will not survive these crises…count on it. In this program you’ll learn how to re-think your customer selection, your market selection, and how other industries are being affected by the crises.

10. Strategy – as much as I hate this phrase, we are now in a new normal, and we will not be going back to “the good old days.” Is your firm actively plotting a successful course to emerge from these crises? Or are you taking a “wait-and-see or business-as-usual” approach. If so, you’re already dead, you just don’t know it yet. Learn how to rethink your strategy.

11. Your Firm’s New Normal – you have office people working at home, your field leaders have learned how to use MS Teams and Zoom. What are the good things that have resulted from the crises that you can capture to drive more profits to the bottom line? Can you reduce your physical plant costs? Your vehicle costs? Your insurance costs?

12. Insurance and Bonding – there are major changes that are occurring in insurance and bonding industries. Are you paying attention? Do you understand how this will affect your costs, your coverage and your risks? Come and learn what’s happening, and how to protect yourselves.

Kirk will also cover Supply chains and their challenges and how this affects your business as well as covering state, local, and Federal regulations that may or may not have been affected by the pandemic.

Don’t return to the job unprepared. Kirk serves as a great resource. Visit our site to register

Jenny Boone, IEC Chesapeake/IECC, Business Development