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Associate Partner; R.C. Colerick reps EPCO, and EPCO just announced something pretty special.

ProSeries Junior LED

“EPCO recently launched three new ProSeries Junior LED Luminaires designed specifically for retrofitting and upgrading “jelly jar” fixtures in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. They cut energy costs for end users 86% when compared to incandescent lamps and 77% when compared to CFL’s and are Energy Star Rated.  

Configurations Include:

·        ProSeries Junior LED Utility Lamp – a direct replacement for incandescent or CFL lamps used in “jelly jar” fixtures.

·        ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaire Upgrade –a direct, hard-wire replacement for light fixture bases that have been in services longer than five years.

·        ProSeries Junior LED Utility Luminaire – a complete luminaire fixture.

ProSeries Junior LED Luminaires are suitable for wet and damp locations that require wash-down, fast and easy install and include an integral heat sink that prevents dust and insect accumulation. “

Out with the old, in with the new. Give Junior a chance to show you what a ” millennial jelly jar” should look be; sleek and efficient.

Grant Shmelzer
Executive Director,  Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake/ IECC