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Grid ceilings…….grrrrr. Our Associate Partners at Colerick Electrical Sales and Arlington have sent us information about an economical and easy way to address lighting fixtures or ceiling fans on grid ceilings…AND…wait for it…position them where you wish.

Arlington T-box

Arlington’s new economical T-Box™ is the cost-effective way to mount a fan or fixture on a suspended ceiling grid.

What’s neat about this T-Box… it can be positioned on the ceiling grid at the cross of the T-rails – or on the straight away so YOU decide where you want the fan/fixture!

Uses include fans and fixtures of course, but also smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, exit signs and emergency lighting. And they’re easy to install! Simply cut around the ceiling tile. Then lower the box into place onto the ceiling grid where it’s held securely in place.”

On the cross or at the straight- fans and fixtures up to 70 pounds.

Grid ceilings no longer grrrrrrd ceilings. Yay!

Jenny Boone
Business Development, IEC Chesapaeake/IECC