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These are the current Sponsors for our 2018, 2019, and 2020 Brewery Events.

rider and show horse

This year we are looking at new Fall Brewery locations. We have been known to bend our elbows at Jailbreak Brewery, Heavy Seas Brewery, and Calvert Brewing. 

We have taken on the arduous task of finding new venues for the upcoming years (SOMEone has to!) but in the meantime, please take a look at the All Star Associate Member sponsors who have bellied up to the bar so the rest of us can too: 

  • 2018 Fall Brewery Event (new venue)                RC Colerick “+”
  • 2018 Jailbreak Brewery/End of Year event       Tradesource 
  • 2019 Fall Brewery Event (venue TBD)                Dominion Electric Supply
  • 2019 Jailbreak Brewery/ End of Year event      RC Colerick “+” 
  • 2020 Fall Brewery event (TBD)                            slot is OPEN
  • 2020 Jailbreak Brewery/End of Year event        Dominion Electric Supply

Our brewery events happen in the Fall, and end of year event at Jailbreak is always early December. 

If you’re an IEC Chesapeake member, please thank these folks when you see them. If you’re not a member, and would like to attend one of our events to see if we’re a fit for your business, reach out to me. 

We love the electrical industry, talking membership, and beer…

-Jenny Boone  
Business Development  IEC Chesapeake [email protected]