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Tales from the long and winding road to a career in electrical- I’m always fascinated by how people end up in their industries and what brought them there.


I recently asked Terie Morris, of Associate Partner Colerick Electrical Sales, how long she’d been in the industry; here’s her response:

“I received my Associates in Early Childhood Education.  I started working at Kiddie Academy on Kent Island as a classroom assistant and quickly worked my way up to lead teacher, group leader, and eventually to an Assistant Manager Supervisory role.  

 All the while, I was still working at Fisherman’s Inn as a hostess to earn additional money. 

I’m an independent woman who wanted to support herself! Unfortunately daycare teachers do not get the pay they deserve. I left the daycare side of things and went to work as a nanny.  Sadly, it still didn’t pay the bills and I wanted a lot more for myself.  I wanted a career not a job. 

I began to look for what and where I was going.  I answered an ad in the paper for a receptionist position at R.C. Colerick (now Colerick Electrical Sales). Honestly, my plan was never to stay here; I thought maybe it would “buy me time” to get where I was going. 

I learned a lot, grew a lot, and discovered I was a quick study in both customer service and our product lines. I like the team I work with, and here I am 11 years later!  This is where I was going…

 I am a part of the Colerick Inside Sales Team and recently promoted to Customer Service Manager. “

If you are an Associate Partner or Contractor Member with an interesting tale of how you, or someone in your company, landed in the electrical industry, please reach out to me. We’d love to share the story!

Jenny Boone Business Development
IEC Chesapeake/IECC
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