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Becoming a Master Electrician is not easy, but reaching that summit can provide you with a lucrative career and a very high quality of life. But first, let’s answer the question of what exactly we mean by Master Electrician.

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An electrician goes through different phases of his career, beginning as an apprentice, and then becoming a journeyman electrician. For many, that is enough, but for those seeking to maximize their careers, they will continue up the ladder to the level of Master Electrician. A Master Electrician is one with many years of experience who manages journeyman electricians and is legally entitled to perform certain tasks such as designing complex electrical systems and issuing permits. Exactly what functions require Master Electrician status can very somewhat from state to state.

Master Electricians often hold high level positions at large companies or own their own electrical businesses. They are well compensated for their many years of experience and expertise.

So what is the path to becoming a Master Electrician?

It begins with training. The quickest and easiest way to get the necessary training is through an organization like Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC). Every state requires a minimum number of apprenticeship hours (generally around four years’ worth) to become a certified electrician. But IEC makes this process easier by combining classroom training (taught by world class instructors) with apprenticeships at IEC member companies. This accomplishes the dual tasks of teaching you what you need to know to do electrical work, while also providing hands-on jobsite work experience.

There is one other huge benefit to this type of training. As opposed to traditional higher education, which often results in massive debt for the student, training with IEC actually allows a student to earn money while studying. So after four years, rather than graduating in debt, the IEC student has zero educational debt and is well-prepared to begin his career.

Once the student graduates from his training and apprenticeship, he or she will apply for a journeyman electrical license. To then become a Master Electrician, he will need to go to work and accumulate several years of experience. The specific number of years and other requirements will vary by state.

Once you have passed the Master Electrician requirements for your state, you will often be required to take certain other classes periodically to maintain your licensure. So don’t get the idea that once you reach a certain point, your education is over. It never really ends. Needless to say, a love for the electrical field and desire to continue to learn will serve you well.

Becoming a Master Electrician is a worthy goal that will set you up for a rewarding life. Visit https://www.MyElectricalCareer.com to learn more and find your nearest IEC training center.