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RoughLyte LED

The RoughLyte LED from our friends at Philips/Stonco, hits the spot! Our Associate Partners at Lighting Environments, product reps and specifiers for Philips, have sent us this great old idea , updated for the LED age.

Available in 14 watts, packing a punch of 1390 lumens (4000 kelvin), this little power house updates the darling of rough lights we used to use in incandescent and fluorescent- back in the day- in commercial and resi situations. I used them in the Annapolis area as exterior lights for rustic porches, garage and boat cover lighting, and in horse barns as well. Occasionally, in the most industrial of showers…The guard on these acts as it’s armor.

These can be wall (VWXL) or ceiling (VCXL) mounted. RoughLyte LED fixtures guard against wet locations and debris. These lights are rated to withstand from -22 degrees to +104 degrees.

Got a dicey dark spot? Like it rough?

Talk to our friends at Lighting Environments. They can assist with RoughLyte as well as all Philips products.

Jenny Boone
Business Development IECC/ IEC Chesapeake